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Thermaltake Soprano VB1000BWS

Notre confrère Xtreme Ressources nous fait savoir qu'il a réalisé le test du Thermaltake Soprano. Test en Anglais.

"The mid-range case market has been expanding very fast the past several years. Since cases are not made obsolete by the development of technology, constant upgrades are not necessary, so users usually research a lot before buying a case with which they will probably for many month to even years in some situations. In order to draw the users into case upgrades, companies had to draw their interest by creating something original. So, the classic beige cases are becoming extinct and designer cases have become very popular. ThermalTake is renowned for their good looking cases that they have produced over the past few years. They are into the enthusiast market and industry since 1999, which does not make them an old company but as long as the enthusiasts market is concerned they are pretty much ancient already. They started by creating cooling solutions and lately they have expanded into cases, water cooling kits, power supply units and many other items. Their Tsunami line of cases were o­ne of the most well known cases last year and now ThermalTake is releasing the Soprano, a possible successor to the Tsunami. The Soprano is considerably cheaper, but can it be a worthy opponent like the predecessor was?"

Source: Xtreme Ressources

Marque : Thermaltake
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