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Asus Extreme N6600GT TOP Limited Edition

Xtreme Resources a testé aujourd'hui une nouvelle carte Asus la Extreme N6600GT TOP Limited Edition. Celle-ci bénéficie d'un GPU à 520 Mhz et de mémoire samsumg ddr3 1.6ns à 1100 Mhz, ce qui offre de bonne perfs. De plus le système de refroidissement a été optimisé afin d'offrir un meilleur O/C.

"With every new generation of video cards come many iterations of the new technology. With nVidia's introduction of the 6 series of GPUs, there have come multiple cards based o­n similar families of GPUs. Most notably the 6800 family brought to the table the 6800, 6800GT and 6800 Ultra. Likewise with the midrange 6 series card(s) I'll be looking at today, the Asus Extreme N6600GT/TOP/TD, there are many flavors based o­n the enthusiast's budget. With the Extreme N6600GT/TOP/TD we have what is o­ne of the most expensive 6600GTs o­n the market, but include Asus' reputation for ultra high quality components, build quality, and with this model, equipped with 128 MB of Samsung 1.6ns DDR3. Follow along o­n my evaluation to see if this Limited Edition card provides the performance to go along with it's higher than average price tag."

source : Xtreme Resources

Marque : ASUS
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