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Le jeu Metro Exodus s'offre un patch Day One

Comme nous l'avions prédit dans notre article comparatif de performances dans Metro Exodus avec DirectX RayTracing et DLSS, le jeu s'offre un patch Day One. Ce dernier pèse 2 Go et corrige pas mal de choses sur la version PC, particulièrement sur le Ray Tracing et le DLSS.

patchdayone metroexodus

All Platform Updates:
  • - Added more filters for Photo Mode
  • - General bug fixes
  • - General performance optimisations
  • - General balance improvements
  • - General polish improvements
  • - Improved VO and subtitles timing in all languages

PC Specific Updates:
  • - Tuned HDR saturation
  • - RTX Improvements / Bug Fixing
  • - Added DLSS Support
  • - Additional HUD removal options (coming soon to console) when playing in Ranger Mode
  • - Added Motion Blur options (coming soon to console)

Additional PC Fixes Since Review Code Was Sent:
  • - Fixed Locking of player input after scene of rescuing Yermak
  • - Removed v-sync option from benchmark launcher
  • - Tuning and fixes for Atmos audio system
  • - Fixed memory corruption in DX12
  • - Fixed crash on launching game on old AMD CPUs
  • - Fixed crash after changing of resolution and Shading Rate to 4k/4x on Video cards with 2Gb and less
  • - Fixed blurred UI when DLSS is enabled
  • - Fixed visual artifacts for RTX high mode
  • - Fixed input lock in when patching gas mask during combat
  • - Fixed forcing to V-Sync on after alt-tabbing the game running at maximal available resolution for the monitor
  • - Fixed crash when pressing ALT + Tab during start videos
  • - Fixed forcing of V-SYNC mode if the game resolution is different than the desktop
  • - DLSS can be applied in the Benchmark
  • - Tuned DLSS sharpness to improve image quality
  • - Updated learned data for DLSS to improve image quality with DLSS on

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Posté le 15 Février 2019 à 10:29 par Jonathan Riemain

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