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Un premier patch du jeu Gears 5 apporte l'Async Compute aux cartes de Nvidia

Un premier patch pour le jeu Gears 5 est disponible et il permet aux cartes de Nvidia de profiter de la technologie Async Compute.

Cette technologie fait partie de l'Api DirectX 12, elle permet de décomposer le rendu en plusieurs files de commandes, qui peuvent être de type copy, compute ou graphics, puis de gérer l'urgence des files à souhait. Cela permet en théorie un gain de performances.

jeu gears5

La liste compléte des changements :
  • - Re-Ups are now visible in your Player Card on the Main menu
  • - Improved Tour of Duty Time Remaining display to more clearly reflect the length of the Operation
  • - Added new DBNO markers for all weapons
  • - Fix for missing DBNO notification when players are DBNO (eg. downed when vaulting over cover)
  • - Kill feed now shows downs to all players
  • - Added an option to disable down/kill notifications next to crosshairs
  • - Added an Easy Navigation accessibility option (allows navigating linearly forward/backward through interactive UI elements on screen)
  • - Added Aim Toggle Accessibility option – using this toggle requires you to tap the aim button to ADS rather than hold
  • - Asylum: In Escalation, trains now enter on a predictable timer based on the start of the round rather than match duration
  • - Exhibit: Escalation rings are now the same across both halfs
  • - Exhibit: Laser bridge cooldown doubled from 5s to 10s
  • - Updated the Escape Veteran, Survivor, Escape Master Medal requirements
  • - Improvements to Asylum’s train audio before it enters the play space
  • - Resolved an exploit that allowed enemies to be de-spawned in Escape
  • - Escape Leaderboards now show times in the correct format (HH:MM:SS), including negative times
  • - Negative Escape times now consistently, correctly register on the leaderboards
  • - Fixed an issue where Jack’s Assault and Support Abilities can get into a state where they cannot be upgraded in Campaign Co-Op
  • - Fixed an issue on Vasgar where Joining In Progress could cause issues traversing the mid exit to helicopter side
  • - Fixed a bug that could prevent Ultimates from being activated on PC
  • - Resolved an issue that could rarely allow Horde enemies to spawn out of world
  • - Fixed a bug where players could get stuck on black screen after the credits roll
  • - Fixed an issue where only a single playlist reward was granted even there the player is tiered in multiple modes
  • - Fixed crashes when transitioning through some cinematics on Nvidia Cards
  • - Fixed a bug where meatshields could block shots when they are dropped and ragdolling
  • - Resolved an issue that could cause AI pathing issues on Harbor

source : Gears
Marque : NVIDIA
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