Le mod Redux V2.7 est disponible pour le jeu The Witcher 3 - Jeux Pc, consoles...
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Le mod Redux V2.7 est disponible pour le jeu The Witcher 3

Le jeu The Witcher 3 est en perpétuelle évolution grâce au modder. L'un d'eux, Redux, est désormais disponible en version 2.7. L'équipe pourssuit son travail d'améliorations, de corrections de bugs et de gameplay.

Le mod REdux V2.7 est disponible ici.

modredux thewitcher3

The Witcher 3 Redux Version 2.7 Release Notes

Part #1

  • - Reworked Active Shield (Alternate Quen) as it was over-nerfed. Shield strength no longer depends on Stamina but only on Sign Intensity. Amount of healing is now controlled by stamina. See skill section for more details.
  • - Supercharged Aard effect changed from +400% range to now inflicting blindness and disorientation along with stagger and knockdown.
  • - Fixed issue where Supercharged Quen Discharge would have a cooldown after it activated.
  • - Added some more visual flair to the Supercharged Quen Discharge effect.
  • - Modified the Supercharged Firestream (alternate Igni) visual effect.
  • - Update sign core (tier 0) and tier 4 descriptions to mention supercharged effects.
  • - Lowered Drain effect inflicted by harpies, erynias and foglets from 20% to 10% per hit.
  • - Fixed issue where immunity to hypnosis would still inflict Geralt with Drain through the hypnosis effect.

Part #2

  • - Standing in a Yrden Glyph now protects from the Drain effect inflicted by blindness or attacks.
  • - There is no longer a delay between throwing bombs (usually provided by the vanilla 6/6 Grandmaster Wolf Gear bonus).
  • - Grandmaster Wolf Gear. 6/6 bonus changed to “unequipped skills still provide their secondary bonuses”.
  • - Grandmaster Bear Gear. 6/6 Quen Damage boost lowered from 200% to 150%.
  • - Grandmaster Feline Gear. 3/6 Damage bonus lowered from 10% per item to 7% per item.
  • - Grandmaster Feline Gear. 6/6 Damage boost lowered from 50% to 25%. Stun Duration increased from 3 seconds to 7 seconds.
  • - Resolved issue where Wyvern Decoction would make Geralt virtually immortal with multiple Decoctions running.
  • - Wraith and Foglet “ghost clones” now have a massive weakness to shock. An alternate Yrden should take care of them for you if your Sign Intensity is high enough.
  • - Lowered Vitality bonus of mini-boss/boss human enemies from +150%/+250% to +100%/+200%, respectively.
  • - Lowered Rosa var Attre’s health by 50%.
  • - Fixed issue with Doppler Decoction Description and updated Enhanced White Raffard Description to mention it stops bleeding.
  • - (DL)v1.3 Added support for Polish. Big thank you to user damian11880 for going through and adding all the words, including grammatical genders.
  • - (DL)v1.3 Added logic so fistfighters are excluded.
  • - DL v1.3 Excluded Kiyan, Rosa var Attre and mini-boss/boss level human enemies.
  • - (DL)v1.3 Modified formatting of word capitalisations (russian only).

source : DSOGaming

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