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Un sublime mod Alien Breach

Voici l'ouvre réalisé par MickGoth, il s'agit d'un mod desktop et le travail réalisé semble dantesque. Le mod se nomme Alien Breach, il est fortement inspiré par l'univers Alien, le mod fourmille de détails, avec les grilles abimées par l'acide, les divers tuyaux et le rétro-éclairage adéquat..

Alien Breach Custom PC is finally finished. I wanted to create something totally custom and unique from all other PCs. I make no apologies that I'm no carpenter or top tier modeler, but I took my time, tried my best and pleased with the results.

I wanted to aim for something dark, broken and industrial with the theme but not to take away from the performance of the PC. All components were purchased with price vs performance in mind. The PC will be mainly used for gaming with light video editing also.

The PC is built modular, although looking “chaotic”. I can remove/change components with relative ease, nothing harder than a normal PC. Also top of list was cooling/air flow. The PSU is mounted external to the case on the side near to the back as to not add heat into the main unit. The GPU is also housed inside its own cavity with a Lian-Li AL120 in front and behind for a push-pull straight across it. CPU temps under full load is 72deg and GPU is 66deg. 7inch monitor under Samsung G9 running AIDA64 for system monitoring.

mod alienbreach

Full Specs:
  • -CPU: AMD R7 5800X
  • -Arctic Liquid Freezer II 420mm AIO
  • -Mobo: Asus ROG X570-F
  • -GPU: Nvidia RTX3080FE with slight oc
  • -RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB 3600
  • -Storage: Samsung 970 EVO+M.2 500Gb (OS)
  • -Samsung EVO+M.2 1TB (gaming)
  • -Samsung 870EVO 1TB (storage)
  • -Audio Card: Creative Sound blaster ZX
  • -PSU: Corsair RM850x
  • -Display: Samsung G9
  • -Keyboard: Razer Huntsman Elite
  • -Mouse: Logitech G502
  • -Headset: Beyerndynamic DT990 pro (with Wireless ModMic)

  • -4 x Arctic P14 140mm Fans (no RGB)
  • -2 x Lian-Li AL120 (GPU fans)
  • -Phanteks RGB strips + controller
  • -Logitech Z506 5.1 Speakers
  • -Thustmaster T16000m Hotas

mod alienbreach

mod alienbreach

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