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Un patch 1.03 pour le jeu Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem

Un patch 1.03 vient d'être déployé pour le jeu Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem, outre les classiques améliorations et corrections de bugs, on notera l'ajout d'un mode survie et le support du Steam Workshop, de quoi réjouir les moders.

Le mode survie s'articule autour de six cartes, Horus Sanctuary, Dragon Gates, Castle of Pain, Kleer Fortress, The Snowrider et Monkey Canyon.

jeuvideo SeriousSamSiberianMayhem

Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem Patch 1.03 Release Notes

What’s New:
  • - Steam Workshop and Serious Editor are now available. Show us those filthy modder hands!
  • - Survival mode has arrived! Check a look at 6 brand new levels with awesome visuals and new absolutely badass music. Survive solo or with friends in Co-Op! Those include Horus Sanctuary, Dragon Gates, Castle of Pain, Kleer Fortress, The Snowrider, and Monkey Canyon.
  • - New player models! Old fan-favorites, and brand new ones alike: Serious Sammy, Dark Delilah, Biker Blaze, Kleer Kurt, Devolver Dude, Octanian Oleg, Beast of the Apocalypse, and Serious Sam Classic (The First Encounter).
  • - All player models have been livened up through the use of a revolutionary technology of eye movement.

Gameplay fixes:
  • - Reduced Hoverboard HP from 500 to 300. Still, General Brand now gets angry when you use the Hoverboard on him. Feet on the ground!
  • - Changed default “Extra Enemy Strength per Player” in Cooperative mode to 0. Because Double Barrel into a Kleer’s face is sacred.
  • - Minefield now kills the rider along with their ride. Checkmate, speedrunners.
  • - You can now mash “Use” when trying to mount a nimble monster, free from the fear of accidentally unmounting it right away, because there is now a delay before you can unmount.
  • - Some enemies were awarding too few points, so we adjusted that.
  • - Minor Biomechanoid now performs a parting shot during its death. Just like in old times.
  • - Increased health awarded for melee kill of the Pyro and Draconian Burner enemy.
  • - T.A.C.T. gadget now stops functioning when a cutscene starts.

Visual fixes:
  • - Added weapon wheel preview icons for both alternate weapon skins.
  • - Tweaked and/or optimized cutscenes, including a fancy fade-to-black before the start of each cutscene.
  • - Fixed an issue where some decals (posters on walls, markups on the floor) would disappear when the player was close to them.
  • - Fixed an issue with lots of models showing up dark, when playing with Prebaked Lighting enabled on Roadside Picnic level.
  • - Also fixed an issue with waypoint distance displaying incorrect value when the player is driving a vehicle which is too big for any possible path to the objective.
  • - Fixed several visibility/sectoring issues across all levels.
  • - Fixed an issue where General Brand would sometimes evaporate at the end of the boss fight.
  • - Also fixed an issue where the wrong model of the XPMR “Burner” raygun was displayed in Netricsa.
  • - Fixed an issue where the dual-wielded “Burners” would sometimes light up the stripe on the wrong weapon when used with the controller.
  • - “Burner” and Crossbow visuals now take the auto-aim into account.
  • - Various visual fixes across player models.
  • - Various visual fixes across all levels.

Other fixes:
  • - Fixed an issue where invoking Netricsa in Co-Op would sometimes cause all spectators of the player who invoked it to have a permanent black screen.
  • - Fixed an issue which caused softlock on “A Smell of Petroleum Prevails” after the AK fight (gate not opening) if the player loaded a save from an older version of the game. You can now use any save of that level.
  • - Various other softlock fixes across all levels.
  • - “Roadside Picnic”: fixed overly bright water reflections in the bunker.

source : DSO Gaming
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Posté le 03 Mai 2022 à 03:41 par Jonathan Riemain

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