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LIAN LI’s 2022 Digital Expo 2.0, what's up du côté des boitiers ?

Hier se tenait le LIAN LI’s 2022 Digital Expo 2.0, ou la, un évènement en ligne organisé par LIAN LI comme chaque semestre depuis quelques temps désormais. Et du côté des nouveautés, il y a eu quelques annonces intéressantes même si nous restons encore sur du produit qui doit être finalisé. Les grandes lignes sont là, et c'est déjà très bien !

Au menu ? Lancool 216, DAN Cases A3 m-ATX et O11D EVO XL ! Et autant le dire de suite, le second est une petite surprise sur deux points : nouveau format et nouveau design avec du RGB !


The LANCOOL 216 is a mid-tower with excellent cooling and is configurable for air or All-In-One liquid cooling. The rotatable I/O shield enables Upper Motherboard or Air Cooling mode, where the motherboard can be installed higher for extra room for vertical GPUs and larger CPU tower coolers. By rotating the I/O shield 180 degrees, it enables the Lower Motherboard or All-In-One Liquid Cooling mode to support thicker radiators and lengths of up to 360mm. To maximize the air intake and exhaust, an external rear fan 120mm bracket can be installed below the GPU IO ports, and a cover plate can be added on the top to seal off unnecessary openings to reduce air pressure loss. DANCases

This prototype is the latest collaboration between DAN Cases and LIAN LI. Just under 20 liters with support for up to a 360 radiator, the case features a reversible frame for the option of choosing a left or right orientation. Depending on your configuration, the A3 m-ATX is capable of supporting SFX and ATX PSUs, 4 slot GPUs of up to 380mm in length (horizontal or vertical), up to a 360 All-In-One liquid cooler radiator or a 158mm tall CPU cooling tower, and two 2.5” SSDs. The A3 m-ATX features a 1.5mm thick all-aluminum exterior design on a steel frame 1.2mm thick and the bottom features a beautiful ARGB underglow. An optional side tempered glass panel is available to replace the side mesh panels. LIANLI

The O11D EVO XL is updated with features from the O11D EVO, such as reversible design, multiple I/O module mounting points, and upright GPU support. The O11D EVO XL has a modular rear panel with a removable motherboard tray that combines the I/O shield and expansion slot. This eliminates the need to relocate the motherboard standoffs when moving the motherboard up or down. This motherboard tray can be adjusted to 3 different positions, providing better flexibility for custom water-cooling configurations while maintaining E-ATX support. With the extra room, the O11D EVO XL offers the possibility for extreme cooling and hardware configurations with support for up to 3 x 420mm radiators. The front left frame bar can be removed for an unobstructed view of the system.

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