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La communauté soutient également le jeu Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition

Nous évoquions un patch non-officiel pour le jeu Mass Effect Legendary Edition, dans une news précédente, aujourd'hui, Team Pyjak propose le patch 0.9.1, à destination du jeu Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition, mise à jour également non-officielle.

Ce patch corrige divers bugs visuels, des soucis de synchronisation des dialogues...

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Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition Unofficial Patch 0.9.1
Release Notes
Citadel Hub
  • - Dark Star Advertisement actors will no longer turn their backs to the camera under certain circumstances.

Illium Hub
  • - Bar owner’s reaction to Conrad Verner adjusted for consistency with ambient dialogue (0.9 bugfix).

Omega Hub
  • - Further fixes to missing props and misaligned light sources.

Tuchanka Hub
  • - Guards near the landing pad have guns correctly attached.
  • - Racht’s comments about Urz following Shepard will fire at appropriate times.
  • - Ambient audio from the Krogan tussling on the upper level with only fire when those Krogan are present.
  • - Enabled additional bugged streaming state in the medical centre.

Normandy Hub
  • - Additional prop corrections in the Kitchen/Medbay area.
  • - Tali’s line about upgraded shields will now trigger correctly.
  • - Jack’s comment about the fate of the Collector Base will trigger consistently.
  • - Fixed crash to desktop when talking to Jack (French language only, 0.9 bugfix)
  • - Grunt’s comment about the fate of the Collector Base will only trigger once.
  • - Fixed misaligned camera angles during EDI’s exposition about Cerberus’ resources and structure.
  • - Researching Probes and Fuel upgrades will no longer be inverted on the hologram in the CIC.
  • - Disco chair in the bar area now consistently rainbow-coloured.
  • - Removed datapad incorrectly added to Zaeed’s quarters (0.9 bugfix).
  • - Glass and wood reflections now rendered in 2k in line with reflections elsewhere in the game.

  • - Ashley’s hair will no longer clip through her helmet
  • - Cerberus scientist will not rise from the grave after being killed by a mech (0.9 bugfix)

Freedom’s Progress
  • - Restored missing junk at the shuttle landing site.

Collector Ship
  • - M-98 Widow image will display correctly on the mission results screen.
  • - Further corrections to audio filters and camera angles when EDI reveals the fate of the protheans (English and Italian language only, 0.9 bugfix)

Suicide Mission
  • - Fixed possible softlock if Samara is not in the party (0.9 bugfix)
  • - Correction to material used by the damaged Normandy in when picking up Shepard (0.9 bugfix).

Recruitment Missions
  • - [Garrus] Additional corrections to props, architecture, lighting channels, blocking volumes, wrongly assigned materials, streaming corrections to fix vistas, unlit NPCs and NPC pop-in.
  • - [Garrus] Dialogue wheel will not refer to Morinth instead of Mordin when choosing a squadmate to defend Garrus (French only).
  • - [Mordin] Restored alternate debrief line from Jacob if Mordin is recruited last.

Loyalty Misisons
  • - [Jack] Two-way mirror reflections rendered at 2k in line with reflections elsewhere in the game.
  • - [Jacob] Lighting corrections during debrief scene.
  • - [Legion] Post-loyalty mission dialogue no longer allows inconsistent progression of Legion’s regular conversation track (in line with other squadmates)
  • - [Miranda] Correction to floating datapad screen.
  • - [Samara] If not in the squad, Samara will leave Diana’s apartment, as she says she will, to meet Shepard at Afterlife.
  • - [Samara] Fixed autosave so that Samara does not need to be approached before entering the club.
  • - [Thane] Thane’s lines will not be subtitled as “Shepard” at the end of the catwalk sequence.
  • - [Thane] Corrections to floating and clipping props, missing datapad screens, and additional NPC materials corrections.
  • - [Zaeed] Corrections to floating and poorly lit props.
  • - [Zaeed]Fixed flames appearing before the explosion during the first confrontation with Vido.

N7 Missions
  • - [Abandoned Mine] Missing datapad screen restored.
  • - [Blue Suns Base] Corrected position of sinking corpse.
  • - [Blood Pack Base] Fixed missing lighting channels on datapads.
  • - [Hahne-Kedar Facility] Fixed more sunken corpses.
  • - [Imminent Ship Crash] Fixed sunken corpses and ensured their heads did not blink in and out of existence on approach.
  • - [Strontium Mule] Fixed floating computer consoles and datapads and misaligned medigel dispensers.
  • - [Wrecked Merchant Freighter] Corrections to floating and poorly lit props.

Overlord DLC
  • - Corpse no longer stuck in a wall.

Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC
  • - Corrections to numerous floating and clipping props and screenless datapads in Liara’s apartment.
  • - Sekat no longer changes appearance after death.
  • - Prevented non-English localisations from skipping sections of the cutscene following the Shadow Broker’s defeat.
  • - All of Liara’s facial animations and sound effects will now play correctly when playing as Female Shepard.
  • - Non-English subtitles will no longer break when zooming into or moving to the next surveillance video.
  • - Music from the Shadow Broker’s ship will not play during Liara’s cabin visit.

Arrival DLC
  • - Corrected subtitled speaker names during the final evacuation at the comm relay.
  • - Corrected poorly-fitted windows.

Project Firewalker DLC
  • - Medigel dispenser alignment issues fixed on Zeona.

  • - Default Male Shepard’s neckline will no longer clip with the Capacitor Armor torso.
  • - Standardised resolution and framerate of screens and holograms throughout the game, to meet Legendary Edition remaster defaults.
  • - Corrections to the material used by Ashley’s hair (0.9 bugfix)
  • - Flashbang Grenade VFX now rendered in 1080p.
  • - Alliance Shuttle model is no longer incorrectly labelled the Kodiak UT-47.
  • - Additional typos.

Omitted from 0.9 Changelog in Error
  • - Corrections to broken floor materials and meshes during the Overlord DLC.
  • - Grunt will now recall Shepard’s response to Uvenk during his loyalty mission, and respond accordingly after returning to the Normandy.

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Posté le 26 Juillet 2022 à 11:53 par Jonathan Riemain

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