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Un nouveau patch pour le jeu Halo Infinite

Le jeu Halo Infinite profite d'un nouveau patch, qui corrige de très, très nombreux bugs, on découvre la liste tout de suite.

Halo Infinite March 28th Patch Notes
  • - Improved stability when navigating Customization menus on PC.
  • - “Underperforming” will no longer appear under some match statistics on the Post-Game Carnage Report (PGCR) menu.
  • - When purchasing the Premium Battle Pass Bundle, the “Confirm Purchase” prompt now correctly reflects that players will receive 100 XP Grants.

  • - Players are now less likely to experience “rubber banding” or “jittering” when interacting with various environmental objects on multiplayer maps.
  • - Improved stability while respawning in multiplayer matches on Xbox Series X|S consoles.
  • - Players on all platforms are now less likely to experience crashes while loading between the main menu and gameplay.
  • - On PC, Halo Infinite is now less likely to crash on launch when using non-English keyboard settings.
  • - Online matches are now less likely to disconnect all players while playing Escalation Slayer and Covert One Flag.
  • - Players are now less likely to experience crashes while playing on Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X consoles.
  • - Resolved a crash that occurred when too many navigation and objective indicators were on-screen at once.

jeuvideo halo infinite


Today’s update resolves a high-impact issue that incorrectly limited the number of Script Brains that can be placed on a map. Read the Developer Notes below for additional information on this issue and the fix:
  • - What happened. Season 3 added a budget check whenever a player added nodegraph content in order to reduce the incidence of “Dedicated Server Failed to Load” errors.
    • - If your map has too many “nodegraph entities” (nodes + connections + properties), this check will prevent you from adding nodes, duplicating nodes, or adding more connections.
    • - Based on our own investigation and support tickets, this resulted in a functional global budget of about 200-250 nodes per map after the Season 3 update, which is a pretty low ceiling.
  • - What’s changing. This hotfix raises the Nodegraph Entity limit from 800 to 2048.
    • - Most players should now be able to add nodes and connections to any map that was functioning during the Winter Update.
    • - Maps should be able to comfortably hold scripts with up to 512 nodes before running into the duplication limit or the “Dedicated Server Failed to Load” bug.
  • - Please be aware.
    • - This budget check was a stopgap for Season 3 until we could add additional Node Graph budgeting elements in a future update. With this hotfix, we’re choosing to let advanced scripters push the tool, even if it means they’ll hit that frustrating Winter Update bug more frequently.
    • - Because we have relaxed the budget checks, maps with many scripts + art content can still experience “Dedicated Server Failed to Load” errors that were present during the Winter Update.
    • - In the future, you’ll see this entity limit replaced with actual budget checks against the limits that causes the failure to load bug.

Other resolved issues in this patch include
  • - Players can now consistently load older versions of their Forge maps.
  • - When editing a Node Graph in Forge that has multiple scripts starting with event nodes, players can now connect a single node to multiple execution nodes which are connected to different scripts.
  • - Primitive sphere objects in Forge that were moved because of the Season 3 update have been restored to their original location.
  • - When selecting a map for Forge on PC, selecting a file in the My Bookmarks menu no longer reverts to the previously selected map.
  • - When rotating an object in Forge with the Rotation Snap option set to 15 degrees or higher, players can now quickly tap the corresponding directional input rather than holding the directional input.

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Posté le 30 Mars 2023 à 11:10 par Jonathan Riemain

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