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Un nouveau patch pour le jeu Hogwarts Legacy

Le jeu Hogwarts Legacy a reçu une nouvelle mise à jour, le 2 juin dernier, de nombreuses corrections sont promises, notamment en termes de performances, avec une meilleure gestion de la mémoire.

Hogwarts Legacy June 2nd Patch Notes
Bug Fixes
  • - Resolved quest failing to progress upon starting the final battle
  • - with the Pensieve Guardian
  • - Resolved Percival Rackham’s Trial not being able to be completed
  • - causing a progression blocker

  • - Resolved avatar using a generic NPC wand instead of their unique wand

  • - Resolved the avatar’s robe moving unnaturally while drinking the
  • - potion if they are created immediately after making a manual save on another character’s slot

  • - Resolved large gold chests being lootable after patching
  • - Resolved achievements not working correctly when no internet was available
  • - Also resolved Gregory and Goblet of fire field guide pages not showing complete after latest patch
  • - Resolved with Daedelian Key and not being able to open chest to
  • - get house reward
  • - Resolved “Allow “Known” Collection items to count correctly towards proper achievements

jeuvideo hogwartslegacy

  • - Updated localization overlapping issues related to location names
  • - Resolved quest tracking icon remaining on map and minimap after the quest is completed
  • - Resolved intro outfit and robe being available in your gear appearances by default
  • - Also resolved untracking missions in-game, in the map and/or mini-map not updating their icons and/or disappearing
  • - Resolved the user getting stuck on the ‘Field Guide’ screen if they spam the [MENU] button while transitioning to the ‘Map’ screen

Save Game
  • - Resolved restarting from a manual save can place Sir Nicholas at the mission’s starting point
  • - Resolved player being able to permanently lock themselves out of the conversation with Natsai when using a manual save during a mission
  • - Also resolved avatar being able to unlock the talent menu during a mission after reloading a manual save
  • - Resolved reloading an autosave after gathering any collection chest allows the avatar to obtain the same chest rewards again

  • - Resolved a crash when fast traveling to Hogsmeade using floo flames
  • - Optimization to overall lighting
  • - Resolved crash during level and mission transitions/loading
  • - Resolved a crash when opening and closing pause menu during missions
  • - Also resolved crash related to foliage
  • - Resolved a crash when ornate chests in the game
  • - Resolved a crash related to in game beacons
  • - Also resolved memory optimization
  • - Resolved single-frame hitching throughout the game
  • - Resolved localization crash when dictionaries are reloaded from a save game
  • - Also resolved landscape streaming issues during Hogwarts
  • - Resolved crash VRAM memory leaking
  • - Update to latest NVIDIA Streamline SDK

  • - Resolved improper shadowing around the vines of dungeons
  • - Update to game credits

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Posté le 05 Juin 2023 à 10:43 par Jonathan Riemain

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