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Pour une Geforce RTX 4090 heureuse vaut-il mieux un 12VHPWR 450 W ou 600 W ?

Nos confrères de Techpower UP nous propose un dossier afin de nous faire un avis sur le meilleur connecteur 12VHPWR pour la carte graphique RTX 4090.

L'utilisation d'un adaptateur 3 x 8-pin vers 12VHPWR 450 W ou d'un câble 12VHPWR 600 W ne semble pas avoir d'impact réel sur les performances, seules les températures, la gestion des ventilateurs et la consommation semble impacter par ce choix.

nvidia rtx4090

After hearing lots of debates about whether the sense pins on the 12+4 pin connector actually affect the RTX 4090's performance, I decided to find one of these cards and check what's going on. Thanks to Seasonic and MIFCOM, I found a Palit GeForce RTX 4090 GameRock, the standard not the OC model, which is among the most affordable RTX 4090 on the market. I know its VRMs are not as strong as in high-end RTX 4090 models, but for this article, it would be fine. Actually, the three legacy PCIe to a single 12VHPWR connector, rated at 450 W, that this card is shipped with will help me make a direct comparison with a native 600 W 12VHPWR connector.

I first completed a full set of tests with a previous generation Seasonic Prime Titanium 1000 W PSU using the provided 12VHPWR adapter. I didn't have any issues, so NVIDIA's claims that the RTX 4090 doesn't require an ATX v3.0 PSU stand up to testing. Even under overclocked conditions, the 1000 W PSU was fine. For detailed power consumption readings, I am using a Powenetics V2 system, which offers more than 1000 readings per second (>1000 Hz polling rate) on 13 sensors so that it can catch every nasty power spike. A significant asset of Powenetics is that besides the GPU, it also monitors at the same time the system's total power consumption, including the CPU's, so I have a clear image of what is going on.

Since the Palit RTX 4090 GameRock that I received had a power limit of 450 W, and I needed a higher one to see if a 600 W rated 12VHPWR connector (Sense 0 and 1 grounded) would provide any gains, I decided to flash it with the GameRock OC model's BIOS, which I found in TechPowerUp's database. Using a non-public NVFlash version, things went smoothly, and finally the power limit increased to 500 W, which is appropriate for this card's VRMs.

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Posté le 24 October 2022 à 15:05 par Jonathan Riemain

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