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Le moteur graphique Unreal Engine 5.1 est disponible

Le moteur graphique Unreal Engine est disponible dans sa version 5.1, pour l'occasion, nous avons le droit à une vidéo qui détaille les apports, les développeurs devraient apprécier.

unrealengine 5-1

What's New?

Unreal Engine 5.0 was a groundbreaking release, bringing a whole slate of new tools to users. 5.1 is building upon the framework of 5.0, delivering updates and improvements to facilitate the creation of next-generation, real-time 3D content and experiences even further. Our focus was on making our feature set robust, workflow-friendly, and versatile, with the needs of different sectors in mind.

Visual Integrity and Performance

We have delivered improvements to support you in creating 60 fps games for next-generation consoles and capable PCs. Those include:
  • - Improvements in Lumen, Nanite, and Virtual Shadow Maps.

Building Bigger Worlds and Collaboration
  • - You can create larger worlds using World Partition.
  • - Improvements were made to make teamwork more efficient, facilitating the game development process.

Virtual Production and In-Camera VFX

We continue to rapidly develop new tools for virtual production and In-Camera VFX (ICVFX). Working with footage is now easier than ever.
  • - Use the In-Camera VFX Editor to do color correction, apply light cards, and perform general stage operations.
  • DMX configurations are now improved by means of MVR support. Lumen has an initial implementation for nDisplay. GPULM workflows have been improved.

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Posté le 24 Novembre 2022 à 11:29 par Jonathan Riemain

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