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De nouveaux drivers du côté d'Intel

Intel vient de publier de nouveaux drivers, les 101.4257, ces derniers sont en version Bêta. La page dédiée au téléchargement se trouve ici, les drivers supportent le jeu Crime Boss.


Intel Arc Graphics Products:
  • - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (DX11) may experience application crash during gameplay.
  • - Sea of Thieves (DX11) may exhibit color corruption on water edges.
  • - System may hang while waking up from sleep. May need to power cycle the system for recovery.
  • - GPU hardware acceleration may not be available for media playback and encode with some versions of Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • - Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve may exhibit color corruption with Optical Flow.

intel driver

Intel Core Processor Products:
  • - Total War: Warhammer III (DX11) may experience an application crash when loading battle scenarios.
  • - Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 (DX12) may exhibit corruption on certain light sources such as fire.
  • - Conqueror's Blade (DX12) may experience an application crash during game launch.
  • - A Plague Tale: Requiem (DX12) may experience application instability during gameplay.
  • - Battlefield: 2042 (DX12) may exhibit color corruption at the game menu.
  • - Crime boss (DX12) may experience texture flickering when XESS is enabled.

Intel Arc Control Known Issues:
  • - Windows UAC Admin is required to install and launch Arc Control.
  • - The Live Performance Monitoring page may not apply the desired removal of some performance metric tiles.
  • - The Resizable Bar status may show an incorrect value on systems with multiple Intel Graphics Adapters.
  • - Using Arc Control Studio capture with certain games may incorrectly generate multiple video files.

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Posté le 29 Mars 2023 à 11:33 par Jonathan Riemain

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