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Le Dolphin Emulator s'annonce pour le second trimestre 2023

Le Dolphin Emulator a fixé une période de disponibilité, par le biais de sa page steam, le rendez-vous est pris au second trimestre 2023. Le Dolphin Emulator permet l'émulation des jeux Gamecube et Wii (il faut posséder légalement le jeu), avec prise en charge des écrans 4K, des packs de textures HD...

This app does not come with games. You must own an original copy of any game you want to use with Dolphin.

Welcome to the World of Modern Emulation

Dolphin Emulator is your one-way ticket to nostalgia if you're looking to relive classics from the big N's cube-shaped and motion controlled consoles. Return to an era of gaming before the advent of microtransactions and experience a diverse library of thousands of titles that were released for these consoles over a span of 15+ years. Dolphin Emulator allows these classic games to be reborn into the modern era with support for 4K displays, modern controllers, and much, much more. All of this, fully Open Source and free to download.

steam emulateur nintendo

How Does It Work?

Dolphin Emulator creates a virtual environment on your device that is capable of running games originally developed for two of the Big N's revolutionary consoles. However, Dolphin itself does not provide any of the games. It is just a tool to run legally obtained copies of these games. Once you have dumped copies of your games into a compatible format, you can launch them directly in the emulator.

Why Emulate?

Using emulation to play your games comes with many advantages. Dolphin can surpass the capabilities of the original hardware with enhancements like increased resolution, widescreen hacks, HD texture packs, and patches to increase the frame rate. While playing a game, features like quick saves (save states), slow motion, and turbo can make playing through annoying sections a breeze. You can even take your favorite local multiplayer games online with Dolphin's built-in netplay. Once you're bored of a game, you can breathe new life into it by playing community-made mods like randomizers and custom level packs.

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Posté le 29 Mars 2023 à 14:32 par Jonathan Riemain

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