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AMD délivre son SDK 1.0 FidelityFX sur GPUOpen

AMD annonce son SDK 1.0 FidelityFX sur la plateforme GPUOpen, en louant une implémentation facilité des technologies FidelityFX pour les programmeurs.

We are happy to share that our AMD FidelityFX Software Development Kit (SDK) is now available for download!

What is the AMD FidelityFX SDK?
The AMD FidelityFX SDK is our new and easy to integrate solution for developers looking to include AMD FidelityFX technologies into their games without any of the hassle of complicated porting procedures. In a nutshell, it is AMD FidelityFX graphics middleware.

amd sdk1 fidelityfx

In the last few years since we've started releasing AMD FidelityFX technologies, we've become one of the most used and trusted technology partners in the industry. Our outstanding open-source technology can now be found in over 250 games, made by some of the biggest names in gaming.

As our AMD FidelityFX technologies have grown and become more widely used, we recognized there were many ways we could improve the experience for developers looking to integrate them. The AMD FidelityFX SDK is the result of our aim to bring simplicity, structure, and consistency into all our great AMD FidelityFX technologies.

Of note, the SDK features:
  • - A consistent standard and style that is much more user-friendly.
  • - Easier application spawning letting us focus on core algorithm details rather than boilerplate setup code.
  • - A re-architected graphical framework that is not only more robust and ready, but is also API agnostic, allowing us to develop our effects across intended targets simultaneously.
  • - This also doubles as a great how-to in creating a custom backend implementation for developers' own multi-platform engines.
  • - Extensive documentation.
  • - And lastly, we've taken a lot of the guesswork out of implementation steps by offering complete pre-built solutions for all of our effects. Most of which can be supported in under 20 lines of code.
  • - That being said, if you were a fan of taking the code we put out and manually integrating yourself, you are still free to do that. We've taken nothing away. All we've done is moved things into a more coherent structure on disk, and cleaned up the code to make it more consistent in style.

To read more about the introduction of three new AMD FidelityFX technologies go here.
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Posté le 13 Juillet 2023 à 10:14 par Jonathan Riemain

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