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Nvidia publie un guide en français désormais pour dépasser les 144 fps dans le jeu Call of Duty: Warzone

Nvidia nous propose un guide pour dépasser les 144 fps dans le jeu Call of Duty: Warzone.

Preparing For Battle: Competitive Play at 144+ FPS

The first step in preparing for this 150-person battle royale is making sure you’ve got the right hardware and settings for high FPS gameplay. Call of Duty: Warzone is full of detail and features an expansive open world map that can be a challenge to render. To take advantage of all the benefits we showed above, you will need a powerful GPU to achieve high FPS.

Comparison of GeForce graphics cards and frames per second (FPS) while playing Call of Duty: Warzone

Activision recently published their competitive specifications for Call of Duty: Warzone, which recommend the GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER at high settings. With this powerful GPU, the vast majority of your time battling in Verdansk will be above 144 FPS.

How to optimize Call of Duty: Warzone’s Settings for 240 FPS

Using competitive settings can boost your FPS and allow you to make the push for 240FPS. We found the following settings combination from Prosettings.net in conjunction with image sharpening in the NVIDIA control panel to be the best combination for competitive play. Achieving 240 FPS can depend on your in game situation, the version of the game, and the total PC configuration. Competitive settings also come with an image quality tradeoff: shadows will be less realistic and a bit blockier, less accurate reflections, and the quality of explosions will be reduced.

nvidia callofdutywarzone

If you are less concerned about image quality and still want to try to make the push for 240 FPS, let’s first dive into the Call of Duty: Warzone settings:

nvidia callofdutywarzone

nvidia callofdutywarzone

nvidia callofdutywarzone

nvidia callofdutywarzone

nvidia callofdutywarzone

Always remember to set Fullscreen mode as it reduces system latency. Some of these settings are personal preference, so tweak them to find what you like! One thing to note, is that the render scale has been reduced to 90%. This will result in a small performance boost in trade for a slight loss in image quality. However, turning on image sharpening in the control panel nearly negates any image quality loss.

How to turn on image sharpening in the NVIDIA Control Panel:
  • Open NVCPL (right-click the desktop, select NVIDIA Control Panel)
  • Select “Manage 3D settings”
  • Select “Program Settings”

a. Select Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (if you don’t see it in the list, untick “Show only programs found on this computer” or select “Add”)

3. Turn on Image sharpening with default settings, using our latest GeForce Game Ready Driver

nvidia callofdutywarzone

1. Once you are done, apply your settings and restart the game.

Using the settings outlined above, you should see a nice boost in FPS the next time you drop in. The framerates you achieve will vary depending on the components in your machine, so be sure to tune your hardware for maximum performance by killing unnecessary services, closing perf-sapping programs, and overclocking your CPU, RAM and GPU.

Frames Win Games

After digging into the benefits that we’ve outlined above, we spent time studying K/D ratios in both Fortnite and PUBG to see their correlation to high-FPS gaming. If you want a deep dive into what we found, you can read our full study on playing battle royale titles at high FPS.

As you can see in the chart below, whether you are a weekend warrior or an aspiring professional, there is a correlation between better performance and higher FPS regardless of how much time is spent playing.

nvidia callofdutywarzone

[MAJ] Le guide est désormais disponible en français ici.

source : Nvidia
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