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Le jeu Assassin's Creed Mirage a le droit à un patch Day One

Le jeu Assassin's Creed Mirage, depuis une heure du matin sur notre plateforme fétiche, alors que les joueurs Xbox purent entamer leur quête dès minuit, monde cruel !
Des premiers tests de performances sont disponibles et le studio Ubisoft a prévu le déploiement d'un patch classique Day One, avec diverses corrections de bugs à la clé, une meilleure prise en charge des écrans ultrawide, une meilleure stabilité...

jeuvideo assassinscreedmirage

Assassin’s Creed Mirage Title Update 1.0.2 Release Notes
  • - Elevators would kill Basim.
  • - Shards were not properly awarded.
  • - End Game rewards are now properly awarded after finishing the game.
  • - Enemies now properly take damage from falling.
  • - Auto-loot skill now works properly on all enemies, regardless of how the player kills them.
  • - Players will not lose control of Basim after Fast Traveling.
  • - Enemies parry reaction time is properly slowed down using the “Dagger of Time” perk.
  • - The “Sand Sword” perk now properly heals Basim when killing an enemy.
  • - While wearing the “Sand Outfit” Basim now won’t be killed if taking two fatal damage from two separate enemies at the same time.

  • - Quest markers no longer disappear after performing a save/load action.
  • - English language option now properly appears only once in menus
  • - Instances of misplaced or wrong UI displayed.

  • - NPC on boats will continue to sail and not stay stationary.
  • - NPC’s drinking animation fixed.
  • - Removed invisible collision for some objects in Baghdad.

  • - NPC detection has been improved during the Gilded Butterfly quest.
  • - Forty Thieves quest items rewards are not visible in game.
  • - Eavesdrop lines now properly play.
  • - Baghdad Bound – Could not interact in the Harbiyah Bureau if the investigation board was opened too quickly after the Dialogue Scene.
  • - Den of the Beast – Could not interact with Ali properly in the “Speak with Ali” objective.
  • - To Catch a Demon – Could not interact with the Tool Wheel or World Map if detected by enemies while interacting with clues.
  • - Gilded Butterflies – Fighting during the “Great Auction” would break the quest flow.
  • - The Great Symposium – Fixed blockers for the “Find Frazil the Great Scholar” objective.
  • - The Serpent’s Nest – Dialogues now trigger correctly for Basim.

  • - Numerous graphics, environment or VFX improvements.
  • - Multiple stability improvements.
  • - Enemies and bosses having anormal poses.
  • - Unnatural animations for Basim and/or Nehal.
  • - Refresh Rate settings will now display proper information.
  • - Animations for takedowns are more polished.
  • - Placeholder lines/dialog appearing for too long are now removed.
  • - Fixed conditions in which cinematics were not displaying carried objects.
  • - Setup optimization for ultrawide and multiscreen modes.
  • - Settings are now persistent on Luna.

  • - Improved OWO Haptic Suit support.

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Posté le 05 October 2023 à 09:31 par Jonathan Riemain

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