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spin-off de HALF LIFE ?

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Message Posté le: Samedi 24 Fév 2018 à 13:52:54  Lien permanent
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Salut à vous
Vos avis sur ce jeu qui est sorti aujourd'hui, c'est un "entre deux" avant HL 3 (si il sort un jour) ?

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Message Posté le: Samedi 24 Fév 2018 à 15:05:44  Lien permanent
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Malheureusement, les comm parlent deux mêmes.. les cutScenes se lancent pas, le jeux est pas forcément proche de l'univers, etc.

Un des meilleurs coms: «Don't buy this game. Don't think about buying this game.

Hunt Down The Mememan is a mod. Not a game. The level design in this game is so good that it forces you to explore the area around you. Need a hint on where to go? This DOES NOT SHOW YOU THAT. God help you if you want to actually play the game too because all the cutscenes that were supposed to be in this game are MISSING COMPLETELY FROM THE GAME. How does this happen??? This game was delayed not once or twice but 4 (5?) times!!!??? I will now go through the wonderful experience of explaining all the great amazing issues with this game. (The following is a series of random tangents)

I was FORCED to use noclip on numerous occasions to get out of random stuck spots (2 of which were done on loading into the map), enemy AI is just copied from the Combine AI (as exhibited by the fact that walking up to them with the "crowbar" causes them to malfunction and lose all comprehension on wtf they're supposed to be doing) but for some reason it seems EVEN WORSE (Maybe it's related to the NODE GRAPH OUT OF DATE REBUILDING I got on almost every map after the Prologue)

After being promised amazing quality... I can't say I'm that surprised that this turned out the way it did. The project seemed to have started alright but I feel like the developers got too ambitious and the result is this mess.

The Level Design in this game has me feeling very sad. That's the only feeling I get from. Certain areas of the game cannot be solved without using Noclip to fly through areas be it because the game is broken like that OR it is IMPOSSIBLE to figure out how the developers intended for you to complete the level. As someone who does level design, I can't help but be angry at the inability for this team's level designers in leading the players to the proper areas. Simply looking at Half-Life 2 can show you how to properly lead a player along without being too hand-holdy and would've helped this game IMMENSELY!

Sound settings restart everytime the game does. I learned this the hard way when my game crashed running into Claymore and was greated with a new autosave where I die to an EARSPASMING EXPLOSION every 2 seconds.

Weapons... uhhh well like I said half way through my playthrough I was forced to start cheating so I just started using impulse 101 to get all the guns. I cant say I really "experienced" the weapons here by doing this but being able to use the AWP really helped my experience playing it.

Cutscenes... NOPE. Can't see'um. FeelsBadMan, maybe some day I'll be able to figure out why my character is teleporting from one place to another after a long black screen of nothingness.

Materials! I'm not gonna stay on this long. You look hard enough and you'll find Half-Life 2 textures that scattered throughout (some just redone with a bumpmap to make them look nicer) Models from L4D2, HL2, and other source games are here. It's a mod right so it's fine but when it's advertised as a standalone game... I really don't think this is that acceptable.

Sounds!!!! Let's not talk about them. Why? Idk I couldnt hear any music if it had any (I adjusted the volume at the start based on the main menu music but then readjusted after I couldnt hear ANYTHING in the game only to discover it didnt have any?).


I give up. Just don't buy it. Don't waste money buying this game in its current state... ACTUALLY dont buy this game in any state. There is a series problem with the lack of communication between the developer and the community during the delay period.

Don't Buy it.

Do not buy it.


If you want to play a real dumpster fire go play Revelations 2012 for free here on Steam»
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